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Die Kehre

Pájaro en Río de Janeiro



Imagens Compostas, 2008

Elder Rocha


Women in water, today and forever

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise

Maya Angelou

women in water II

Quentin Blake, 2012

Visiting Kandinsky Exhibition at the Art Museum, Milwaukee.

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Last friday I went to the Art Museum of Milwaukee with my mom. We did not know they had this exhibition, and we were pretty happy when we found out about it. I have been having a lot of trouble with museums and famous art -and artists- lately, so I felt specially happy to have the opportunity to spend a couple of hours re- thinking my feelings and ideas about Kandinsky, whose oeuvre I used to like a lot when I was in my teens and my early 20’s. These are my favorite paintings from the exhibition.

1. Lied. 1906

2. Park. 1911

3. Einfach. 1916

4. Eine Nachbar Datscha am Teich. 1917

Nuevo México habla

1914, 1945 y 1987. Tres fechas, tres pinturas, tres momentos en Nuevo México.



The Rabbit Hunter, circa 1945
Oscar Berninghaus (American, 1874 – 1952)
oil on canvas, 34 1/2 x 39 1/2 in. (87.6 x 100.3 cm)
Gift of John A. and Margaret Hill in memory of Maurice N. Mikesell, 1975




Taos Pueblo – Moonlight, 1914
E. Irving Couse (American, 1866 – 1936)
Oil on canvas, 60 x 60 in. (152.4 x 152.4 cm)
Gift of Kibbey W. Couse, 1930



 Las Meninas (self portrait), 1987

Joel-Peter Witkin (American, born 1939)


[All the paintings in: New Mexico Museum of Art]

Verano, día I

Hiroshi Sugimoto, 1993.

Stadium Drive- in Orange

Alan Koppel Gallery. Chicago, IL


The garden



Photo by Jeremy Parson

Since I met Kemal, a turkish friend I talked to the first time in a cold summer in Piccadilly Circus in July 2005, I have felt a kind of fascination for Turkey that makes me look for ways to keep in touch with its culture and history. Now, seven years later, I am living in the appartement of a turkish girl who is studying with Miguel. She went to China for the academic year, and we sub-letted the place while we find our own. She left all her books with us, and one of them is an anthology of Ottoman Lyric Poetry. I have been taking the book from time to time to read one or two poems, think about them and then go back to my daily duties. Today, because of the many tulips I have been seing recently,  I feel like posting one of the poems here. The name of the poet is Sheyhî (1375- 1431).

The season of Spring

It is the season of spring, let us be

check to check with the east wind

let us be friends with the rose,

and companions of its scent

It is the time of the wild tulip —

with pure hearts let us take up the cup

Like the narcissus, let us be drunk

without pretense

Like the rosebud, keep hidden the secrets

of you fate

but like the blooming rose, let your heart

be open to the pleasure of the field

(…) the wise said it is madness

to ask God’s forgiveness in the spring

Today, let us know the pleasure of the season,

tomorrow we may bow as saints


“Isolation and interaction is a recurring theme in my work. I am interested in the complexities surrounding relationships as well as societal differences and how these concepts affect individual and group responses to themes of Beauty and Identity. My current work explores these ideas, addressing the process through which groups (specifically female) navigate these issues. This installation will investigate this in five parts. Through a depiction of the roles that age, class, gender, nationality, and race, have in the idea of Households”.

Alicia Henry

Alicia Henry- PR Photo 00290

Some of her work in:

Carl Hammer Gallery

Chicago, IL.