The garden

por Preludetram



Photo by Jeremy Parson

Since I met Kemal, a turkish friend I talked to the first time in a cold summer in Piccadilly Circus in July 2005, I have felt a kind of fascination for Turkey that makes me look for ways to keep in touch with its culture and history. Now, seven years later, I am living in the appartement of a turkish girl who is studying with Miguel. She went to China for the academic year, and we sub-letted the place while we find our own. She left all her books with us, and one of them is an anthology of Ottoman Lyric Poetry. I have been taking the book from time to time to read one or two poems, think about them and then go back to my daily duties. Today, because of the many tulips I have been seing recently,  I feel like posting one of the poems here. The name of the poet is Sheyhî (1375- 1431).

The season of Spring

It is the season of spring, let us be

check to check with the east wind

let us be friends with the rose,

and companions of its scent

It is the time of the wild tulip —

with pure hearts let us take up the cup

Like the narcissus, let us be drunk

without pretense

Like the rosebud, keep hidden the secrets

of you fate

but like the blooming rose, let your heart

be open to the pleasure of the field

(…) the wise said it is madness

to ask God’s forgiveness in the spring

Today, let us know the pleasure of the season,

tomorrow we may bow as saints