Rio Colorado.

por Preludetram

1. “Once a flowing, lush river, the Colorado runs dry in Sonora, Mexico”.

2. “The Cerro Prieto geothermal power plant in Sonora Mexico allegedly pollutes a large swath of the Colorado River in Mexico. Downstream many people rely on the water to provide fish and water for agriculture“.

3. “The Hoover dam tamed the mighty Colorado River and currently regulates water flow to the Southwest United States and Mexico. When Mexican farmers require more than their alloted water to irrigate their crops, they must purchase the water from the United States, an impossibility for smaller farmers“.

4. “Lake Meade, a reservoir fed by the Colorado, has seen its water level drop over 100 feet in current years as a combination of drought, increased agricultural use, a booming Las Vegas population and global warming have taken their toll“.

5. “The future of the Colorado is uncertain as multiple factors threaten not only the water source itself, but the cultures along its shores”.

6. “An agricultural laborer tends to an onion field in Sonora Mexico, near the United States border. A majority of the arable land in the region has been purchased or leased by United States based corporate farmers who broker water deals to irrigate their lands. Smaller, privately owned farms cannot compete, as the last of the groundwater supply dries up.“.

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Brian L. Frank.